Finalise the specifics

Initial Consultation

At e-LINE we adopt a uniquely-tailored approach. Our sole aim is to give every patient the best possible treatment – however complex or unusual the case. No two patients are exactly the same, so the first step is to make sure we understand the finest of details. We take the time in the 60 minute initial consultation to discuss all aspects of your dental problem, complete a thorough analysis of your facial structure and teeth, and talk over the range of treatment options available to you.

A crucial part of the investigatory process is using the very best technology available. Following the initial consultation, records will be taken for precise treatment planning; this could include digital radiographs, study models, high quality facial and intraoral photographs and computer simulated treatment when indicated.

At e-LINE we choose not to carry out any general dentistry, focusing solely on providing the best orthodontic treatment possible. As a result, many patients may be referred by their dentist and great care is taken to liaise with other clinicians in a multidisciplinary fashion. After the initial consultation and records our orthodontists will personally dictate an individual treatment report to you and your dentist outlining the treatment options and fees involved.

In some cases, a follow up consultation is required to finalise the specifics. Often, a 3D computer simulation is used to plan the treatment, meaning you’ll be able to see how the finished result will look before any treatment begins.

To book an initial consultation, please telephone the practice on 020 7467 5700 or click here to enquire online.