Results & Benefits

Orthodontic Treatment

The benefits of orthodontic treatment go far beyond the obvious physical and cosmetic changes of an improved bite and straight teeth. Whilst beautiful straight teeth are important, even more important is the need to alleviate any potential associated health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, digestion difficulties, speech impairments, jaw joint problems and even headaches and/or neck pain.

It is recommended that children are brought in for their first consultation at 8 years old. At this stage, any potential problems can be identified and prevented with interceptive treatment if necessary.

Orthodontic treatment can be undertaken at any age and adult treatment is growing rapidly, largely because it is now recognised for its role in improving self-confidence. Recent studies also suggest that orthodontics can protect and prolong a youthful appearance!

With the advancements in orthodontic technology, wearing braces has never been easier. 3D computer simulations allow you to see the end results before having anything fitted and the appliances themselves can be manufactured specifically for the individual ensuring complete accuracy, shorter treatment times and the very best end results. Often, orthodontics can be completed using clear components, invisible aligners, or braces fitted to the inside of the teeth for complete discretion.

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